ICTP Prize: How to Nominate a Candidate

What to provide the nomination committee

In order for a candidate to be considered, ICTP needs the following essential information:

  • Candidate's up-to-date curriculum vitae, including age (please note that candidates must not yet have turned 41 as of 31 December 2018), nationality, education, main positions held and major honours and awards;
  • Brief description of scientific achievements and proposed citation;
  • Two letters of recommendation.

It would greatly help the selection work, and make it more accurate, if you could provide us with additional information on:

1) Names of additional potential referees or nominators
2) Current phone and email address
3) List of significant publications

Please submit your nomination, along with a signed and dated cover letter, by 30 September 2018 in one of the following ways:

ICTP Prize
Director's Office
Strada Costiera 11
I-34151 Trieste, Italy