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women in science
ICTP event to celebrate International Day for Women and…
Earth as seen from space. (Photo by NASA on Unsplash)
Call now open for 2023 grants
How ICTP contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Mouhamed Moustapha Fall
African mathematician honoured for his research and…
Spirit Salam 2023 winners
Three recipients honoured for dedication to Abdus Salam…
Michele Parrinello to speak 30 January
Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics
ICTP science portal
Welcome to ICTP's dynamic, interactive site!
Sandu Popescu
Sandu Popescu to speak on fundamental aspects of quantum…
Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics
Walter Kohn Prize Ceremony 2023
Debashree Ghosh honored on 12 January at ICTP
Salam Award
Nomination deadline extended to 21 January 2023
ictp prize
Two Iranian cosmologists honoured
Research excellence
ICTP's climate scientist Filippo Giorgi among the…
Earth System Physics