Applicants Terms and Conditions


A) Terms & Conditions

The Applicant declares to accept the following: With respect to applications ICTP selection authorities reserve the right to choose the applicants that they view as best fitting within the activity, programme or collaboration. The results of the selection will be made known in due course.

The decisions of the ICTP selection authority are final.

Inquiries or disputes surrounding the decisions of the committees will not in any way be considered. An application or request for any activity at the ICTP including, but in no way limited to, participation in an activity or programme, visiting the ICTP for any purpose, financial support and/or board & lodging or any other support, or entering the ICTP premises, do not in any way imply a commitment or obligation whatsoever on the part of the ICTP or its governing bodies.

By submitting an application or any request or by entering the ICTP premises, the Applicant agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the ICTP as stated above and confirms and certifies that all the information that they have provided to the ICTP is true and accurate, and that they will respect all ICTP & UNESCO regulations.

B) Policy regarding private data

The Applicant declares to accept the following:

Your data as provided to ICTP will be available to selected ICTP staff for administrative purposes and to the members of the selection authorities for selections and invitations. Your data will reside within ICTP's administrative systems for audits and statistical purposes. Further details about ICTP's data privacy policy can be found here.

You acknowledge that the ICTP reserves the right to publish your name, the purpose of your visit and the visit period on its website, in lists of participants and in other forms of reporting.

You acknowledge that the ICTP reserves the right to photograph or perform video recording of all events, in which you may inadvertently or purposefully be photographed or filmed, and to make them public. (Lecturers who have reservations about this point please contact the organisers of your activity.)

Revisions to Terms of Use Agreement:

The ICTP may at any time revise the terms of this Agreement without notice.