Global Outreach


Global Outreach

Building sustainable science in the developing world


Global Outreach

ICTP strives to boost science in developing countries to an international level by encouraging North-South collaboration, and to stimulate networking of scientists in disadvantaged regions to reach a critical mass of researchers through South-South collaboration.

We do this through a number of global outreach initiatives. Our partner institutes in Brazil, China, Mexico and Rwanda bring ICTP's unique blend of high-quality physics and mathematics education and high-level science meetings closer to scientists in the developing world.

In addition to its partner institutes, ICTP provides assistance for regional activities, including support for research and training.

ICTP's Physics Without Frontiers programme further extends ICTP's global outreach by coordinating university-level training projects working with volunteer scientists, who are PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, or lecturers from all over the world, who are passionate about promoting and supporting physics and mathematics.