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PWF Afghanistan

ICTP Physics Without Frontiers (PWF) works to motivate, train, and educate physics and mathematics university students worldwide, with focus on science and technology lagging countries, to help build the next generation of scientists

PWF organises projects working with volunteer scientists, who are PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, or lecturers from all over the world, who are passionate about promoting and supporting physics and mathematics. The Physics Without Frontiers Volunteer Network is composed of more than 100 passionate scientists primarily originally from the partnered countries.

Each PWF project is unique, combining hands-on training, lecturers and networking, developed with a country's specific needs in mind. A component of science diplomacy, interaction with industry, outreach and diversity are often incorporated into all projects. PWF promotes networking and collaborative environments, and its mentoring scheme is open to all students. PWF has worked with over 10000 students worldwide in 50 different countries! 

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Physics Without Frontiers aims to:

  • train university students in core topics and cutting-edge research in physics and mathematics using enquiry-based learning and hands-on sessions by PWF Volunteers who are experts in their research fields, and teach transferable skills in computing, programming and data science;
  • identify and mentor top students studying at universities without MSc/PhD programmes to go on to further study abroad, such as the ICTP diploma programme, or MSc and PhD placements;
  • support physics and mathematics departments in universities with little or no research, by providing faculty training, taught university courses, curriculum support, research infrastructure, efforts towards the public understanding of science, and outreach to high school students and teachers.

Physics Without Frontiers is about breaking down barriers to accessing physics and mathematics research and training. This means connecting with students and scientists worldwide, and with those from less represented groups, for example from a poorer economic background, women and girls, ethnic minorities within regions, or those who may lack access due to geographic barriers or isolation within a region, and those from conflict regions.

The call for applications to organise a PWF project will open February 2024. 


PWF is coordinated by Professor Bobby Acharya, Dr Kate Shaw and Dr Natasa Stojic.

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