ICTP Hosted Events

ICTP's conference facilities available for external events

Event Definition and Approval

In case its Scientific Calendar allows, the ICTP may host at its premises high level activities, externally organised, which do not cover subjects of a military, political or commercial nature. It is the organiser’s responsibility to inform selected attendees that they will be guests of an international scientific campus that is part of the United Nations. Hosted activities should normally last no more than a week. A request to hold the event at the ICTP, also detailing requested services, should be addressed in writing to the:


Scientific Programmes Office

Hosted Activities

Strada Costiera, 11 - 34151 Trieste, Italy

tel. no. + 39 040 2240363


The event can be considered approved after a written reply is sent by ICTP. Organisers are also invited to supply a web address of the event, for a link to the ICTP Scientific Calendar.

Participation fee

It is ICTP’s policy not to charge participation fees for its activities. Organisers of activities hosted on the ICTP campus are invited, to the extent possible, to refrain from charging fees to participants. In no circumstances should conference fees be charged to participants from developing countries.


ICTP applies a cost recovery for its spaces and services provided, typically: lecture rooms, laboratories; rooms in the Guest Houses - if available; a “catering cost recovery” for the running costs of the ICTP Cafeteria in case of hospitality requests; recovery of costs for photocopies and the use of printers; cleaning services if necessary; communications costs; costs will also be recovered for personnel services required outside standard working hours, as well as on weekends or official holidays. More information about costs can be obtained by contacting . The normal procedure is to assemble all costs incurred after the event is over and group them into a single debit note (unless otherwise requested). Before the activity starts, external organisers should provide an official heading for the issue of the ICTP debit note and all costs must be agreed upon. Payment must be effected within 30 days from receipt of the debit note. Non-ICTP services (e.g. catering, bus hire, travel office) will be billed separately by the external suppliers.


The ICTP does not normally provide secretarial support for hosted events. It is therefore required that external organisers provide for their own secretarial assistance, before and during the activity, to act as an interface with ICTP offices in the preparatory phase and take care of participants’ needs while the activity is ongoing. Outside the lecture rooms there are counters that can be used as working space by external activities’ secretariat during the activity. Upon request, a telephone can be provided; it should be communicated in advance if any computer set-up is necessary (PC or MAC).