Book Donation Programme

The Marie Curie Library helps university/research libraries/institutes in least developed and low-income countries through the distribution of highly specialized scientific literature


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Applying for Donations

Donations are made to libraries/institutes in least developed and low-income countries only. Books must be made available to all students and faculty.

Libraries/institutes may apply via email to providing the following information:

  •     full contact details of the librarian/department head
  •     complete mailing address of the library
  •     fields of interest

Expenses incurred by the receiving institute for customs and/or additional costs are not reimbursed.

Receipt must be acknowledged by the contact person (librarian/department head).

Books in Stock

Scientists from least developed and low-income countries visiting ICTP may select available material from books in stock on behalf of their library/institute.

Acquisition of New Books

Books may be purchased for libraries/institutes upon request according to the availability of funds. Requests must be sent by the librarian/department head and must include a brief description of the institutional needs.

Contributions to the Programme

We welcome donations from institutes/individuals wishing to help libraries/institutes in least developed and low-income countries. Given the nature of the service, we can only accept highly specialized scientific literature, preferably textbooks, in English, French or Spanish. Donors can either send the material to ICTP for further distribution, or ship it directly to the agreed recipients. All arrangements must be agreed upon in advance.

Institutes/individuals who would like to donate books are kindly asked to:

  • send a complete list of book titles
  • provide a quote/invoice of the shipping charges
  • arrange packaging of material
  • send the material according to instructions received

We may need to reject offers that do not meet the requirements, or expect a financial commitment exceeding our available funds.

For additional information please email: