Physics Without Frontiers: Current and Past Projects


PWF works with local scientists and volunteers to develop each project proposal, involving various activities  to achieve the goals of the project.  Each project is unique, developed with the universities or country's specific needs in mind.

Here you can browse some past and present PWF projects. If you are a researcher from any of these countries and want to get involved you can contact us:

  • Afghanistan  Roadmap to Particle Physics
  • Afghan/Iran  ICTP-PWF-IASBS MSc Scholarships
  • Algeria  HEP Roadshow
  • Bhutan Course in Collider Physics
  • Cameroon  Workshop on Climate Change
  • Caribbean Courses and Workshops in  High Energy Physics
  • Ecuador School of Programming for Scientific Research
  • Eswatini Mathematics and Physics Roadshow
  • Ethiopia  Methodological and Computational Skills Roadshow
  • Ghana Training Workshop in Advanced Statistics and Programming in R
  • Guatemala  Annual Schools in programming and machine learning
  • Honduras  Course on computational infrastructure for Central America
  • Iran School in Physics for Persian speakers
  • Kurdistan Region of Iraq  Annual Schools in HEP
  • Kurdistan Region of Iraq School in Nuclear Medicine
  • Lebanon  HEP Roadshow
  • Lesotho  Annual Schools in Quantum Computing
  • Malawi Annual Schools in Biophysics
  • Malaysia  School in Quantum Information
  • Morocco Courses in Physics
  • Namibia  Cosmic Ray Detectors
  • Nepal  Roadmap to Particle Physics
  • Nepal Course in Condensed Matter Physics
  • Nepal Science Outreach for Girls
  • Nepal Online Courses in Quantum Information and Quantum Gravity
  • Nigeria  Annual  Schools in Atmospheric Science
  • Nigeria Physics of Solute Transport in Porous Media  School
  • Pakistan Workshop for Women in Mathematics
  • Palestine  Courses and Roadshows in Particle Physics
  • Philippines  Online Outreach Seminars
  • Senegal  HEP Roadshow
  • South Africa  Promoting Women in Physics
  • South American Wide  HEP Roadshows Across 7 countries
  • South America Master Thesis Project  
  • Sri Lanka  HEP Roadshow
  • Sudan School of Astrophysics
  • Syria Online Seminar Series
  • Tanzania School in Biophysics and Machine Learning
  • Tunisia  Courses in Particle Phyiscs, and Condensed Matter Physics
  • Venezuela  BrainGain-Venezuela
  • Venezuela: Physics REBoot Venezuela, Physics Research and Education Bootcamps
  • Venezuela Online Courses in theoretical Physics
  • Vietnam  HEP Roadshow
  • Zimbabwe:  Earth System Physics Roadshow