ICTP Prize 2021

Rondrotiana Barimalala , Narendra Ojha


The 2021 ICTP Prize is awarded to Rondrotiana Barimalala for her outstanding and pioneering contributions that have advanced our understanding of the role of the Indian Ocean on the climate of Madagascar and southern Africa and its response to climate change through the application of modeling tools and careful data analysis.

The 2021 ICTP Prize is awarded to Dr. Narendra Ojha for his outstanding contribution to the field of atmospheric chemistry and physics by performing in-situ measurements, satellite data analyses, and chemistry-climate modeling studies over South Asia.

This years' ICTP prize is in honour of Jacob Bjerknes, who discovered the connection between sea surface temperature and easterly winds anomalies in the equatorial Pacific. He helped toward an understanding of El Niño Southern Oscillation, by suggesting that an anomalously warm spot in the eastern Pacific can weaken the east-west temperature difference, disrupting trade winds, which push warm water to the west. The result is increasingly warm water toward the east.