Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics


With about 30 members, an intense programme of workshops, a constant flow of visitors, and close collaborations with local scientific institutions such as SISSA, Elettra, and the University of Trieste, the Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics (CMSP) section is a vibrant international research environment for scientists from every corner of the world.

Research in the CMSP section spans some of the most exciting areas of theoretical condensed matter physics, including the physics of nanostructures, of many-body quantum systems at, or far from equilibrium, the computer simulations of fluids and solids with atomistic, molecular and electronic structure methods, and the design of new materials for renewable energy applications.



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» Atomistic Simulation Webinar Seminar: Heat and Charge Transport in Water at Ice-Giant Conditions from ab initio MD Simulations

» Virtual Joint ICTP/SISSA Statistical Physics Seminar: Spectral Properties and Thermalization with Matrix Product Operators

» Joint ICTP/SISSA Statistical Physics Seminar: POSTPONED

» Virtual Joint ICTP/SISSA Statistical Physics Seminar: to be announced

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» Dissipation Mechanisms in Nano/Mesoscale Tribological Systems * CANCELLED * | (smr 3435)

» School on Advanced Light Sources: Principles, Methods and Multidisciplinary Applications * CANCELLED * | (smr 3439)

» Superconductivity: from Microscopic Mechanisms to Topology to Macroscopic Properties * CANCELLED *| (smr 3445)

» Workshop on Physics and Chemistry of Solid/Liquid Interfaces for Energy Conversion and Storage * CANCELLED * | (smr 3447)

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