ICTP 60th


ICTP's 60th Anniversary

Celebrating six decades of science without borders


ICTP 60th

ICTP is a science institute with a unique history and mission. The Centre was founded in 1964 by Pakistani Nobel Laureate Abdus Salam, who was inspired by his conviction that science is the common heritage of humankind and should be open to everyone regardless of geographic or economic circumstances. 

In the years since its creation, ICTP has grown to be the pre-eminent theoretical physics hub for scientists from around the world -- especially those from disadvantaged countries -- to  recharge their knowledge, to make new research connections and to access valuable resources not available in their home countries. This international, multidisciplinary environment has been conducive to insights and advances in numerous areas of physics, from string theory to quantum physics to earth system science. 

During 2024, ICTP will celebrate its 60th anniversary by highlighting its chief scientific achievements as well as its profound impact on science development in disadvantaged countries. ICTP will host celebration activities throughout the year related to its main fields of research and its mission, culminating in a one-day celebration on 15 November November 2024 of ICTP's key achievements. The anniversary activities are listed below.
22 January
Un Veliero della Conoscenza in Difesa del Pianeta (A sailing ship of knowledge in defense of the planet)
Featuring a talk by ICTP climate scientist Filippo Giorgi

1 - 2 February

Salam Distinguished Lectures 2024: Learning Multiscale Energies from Data by Inverse Renormalisation
Featuring theoretical physicist Stéphane Mallat, Collège de France and Ecole Normale Supérieure.

6 February
Public event celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science

18 - 20 February
ICTP-SAIFR 12th Anniversary Symposium: Physics for South America
Sao Paulo, Brazil

10 April
Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (organised by the Permanent Delegation of Italy to UNESCO)
UNESCO, Paris, France

22 April - 3 May
School on Parallel Programming and Parallel Architecture for High Performance Computing
Kathmandu, Nepal

26 - 30 April
ICTP-UNU Workshop on TinyML for Sustainable Development
Macao, China

21 May
Knocking on Heaven's Door: Public Lecture by Lisa Randall

27 May
International Symposium: The Future of Scientific Computing: A Global Perspective

1 - 3 July
Celebrating 60 Years of the ICTP Associates Programme
7 - 21 July
8th Biennial African School of Fundamental Physics and Applications (ASP 2024)
Marrakesh, Morocco

22 - 23 August
International Symposium on Energy and Climate
(details to come)
21 - 25 October
2nd Workshop on the American Monsoons
Merida, Mexico

6 -17 November
Hands-On Quantitative Biology School
Havana, Cuba
15 November (tbc)
ICTP 60th Anniversary Main Celebration
(details to come)

29 - 30 November
ICTP and Vietnamese Science: Celebrating 60 Years of Collaborations and Building the Future
Hanoi, Vietnam
(details to come)

2 - 13 December
African Biophysics School on Experimental and Computational Sciences (BISECS)
Nairobi, Kenya