ICTP's 60th Anniversary Celebrations

A rich programme of events in 2024 starts at Miramare
ICTP's 60th Anniversary Celebrations
Model of a sailing ship currently displayed at Miramare, as part of the exhibit: "KOSMOS. Il veliero della conoscenza".

This year marks ICTP’s 60th anniversary and the celebrations include a long list of events that are going to take place throughout the year. International conferences featuring leading experts as well as special events, both public and institutional, will mark this important milestone and will constitute occasions to celebrate together with our national and international partners and collaborators.

Over its 60 years of history, ICTP has been at the forefront of science, working hand in hand with scientists and institutions from all around the world to conduct advanced scientific research and close the science gap in the developing world.

“The world of science has very different priorities in 2024 compared to those in 1964, and the world at large faces very different challenges. With the 60th Anniversary Events Series, we would like not only to celebrate the past but also to prepare for the future. The unique mission of ICTP to promote excellence in science around the globe, to close the growing knowledge divide and to advance international cooperation through science is even more urgent today. We look forward to building on our current partnerships  to forge new collaborations at the exciting new frontiers of science. Given our core strengths and large international network, I believe that ICTP is well poised to reach even greater heights in the coming years," said ICTP Director Atish Dabholkar.

To celebrate ICTP’s longstanding relationship with the city of Trieste, the first in this series of events is taking place on 22 January in the iconic Miramare Castle and is organised jointly with the Museo Storico e il Parco del Castello di Miramare.

On this occasion, Filippo Giorgi, international expert on climate change, member of the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) when it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, and head of the ICTP Earth System Physics section, will engage in a dialogue entitled “Un veliero della conoscenza in difesa del pianeta”, moderated by journalist Simona Regina. By drawing upon Alexander von Humboldt's idea of Kosmos and by stressing our interconnectedness with Planet Earth, Giorgi will talk about the important role we play in defining the future of our planet, thus making important connections between his research and the exhibit “KOSMOS. The Sailing Ship of Knowledge”, currently on display at the Scuderie of Miramare Castle.

The ICTP 60th anniversary celebrations will continue throughout 2024 and include a series of scientific conferences organised by each of the ICTP research sections in different countries across four continents. They will culminate on 8 November with a one-day event that is taking place at ICTP. We look forward to telling you more over the coming months!

Full calendar of events for ICTP’s 60th anniversary

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