The ICTP Souvenir and Gift Shop

Get ICTP Merchandise

The ICTP Souvenir and Gift Shop is located within the Mail office premises and handled by its staff. Payments should be made directly at the Mail office.

Merchandise available

T-shirt with Standard Model formula or with ICTP logo
color: black/blue navy;  size: XXL/XL/L/M/S
Mug, Standard Model formula, ceramic (blue with formula printed white)  Mug 2

Backpack, blue with ICTP logo embroidered (white)


Umbrella, automatic, short, blue with ICTP logo (white)


Cap, blue with ICTP logo embroidered (white)

Reusable cup, plastic, with ICTP logo  Plastic cup
"Abdus Salam: the Dream of Symmetry" - DVD  Salam DVD
"Maximovic: the Story of Bruno Pontecorvo" - DVD  Pontecorvo DVD
"One Hundred Reasons to Be a Scientist" - Book  Book
Postcards  Postcards

USB 8Gb memory stick, ICTP logo, (body white, logo blue)



  • Working hours: 8:30 - 16:30  (Monday -Friday)
  • Location: Leonardo Building, entrance hall, left-hand side
  • Contact: Mail office
  • Phone: (+39) 040 2240 559