Inspiring Stories of Women in Science

21 Sep 2020

Ramanujan Prize 2020 Announced

Award goes to Brazilian mathematician

18 Sep 2020

Finding Her Path to Physics

Diploma graduate Poetri Tarabunga on the importance of theory

21 Sep 2020

Finding meaning in formulas

Diploma student Aziza Yusupova at the intersection of mathematics and neuroscience

15 Jul 2020

Achieving Success during Hard Times

ICTP associate publishes paper during stay in locked-down Italy

15 Nov 2019

Working Towards Gender Equity, One Workshop at a Time

Fifth Career Development Workshop for Women in Physics

08 Nov 2019

The Gender Gap Is Real

ICTP hosts the final event of a global project

01 Nov 2019

Professor Petra Rudolf on Molecular Motors

Colloquium 4 November at 16:30

02 Sep 2019

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Nica Jane Ferrer: finding inspiration and paying it forward

22 Aug 2019

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Apsara Dhakal: changing the face of geoscience in Nepal

26 Aug 2019

Colloquium 28 August

Speaker: Liliana Arrachea, University of San Martín, Argentina

06 Mar 2019

Prize Honours Women in Science

Two Laureates Affiliated with ICTP

04 Jun 2019

Prof. Carolina Araujo at ICTP

Math Colloquium 13 June

05 Feb 2019

Supporting Gender Equality

ICTP to celebrate UN day for women in science

22 Jan 2019

Being a Physicist in Gaza

Hala J. El-Khozondar speaks January 24

13 Dec 2018

A Star on the Rise

ICTP Alumna Estelle Inack dives into quantum computing

26 Oct 2017

Women in Physics Workshop 2017

Participants share ideas and experiences

25 Oct 2017

Materials Science and Beyond

Nicola Spaldin on multiferroics and the Big Bang

11 Apr 2017

ICTP at Women in Science Week

UNESCO events honor star scientists

26 Aug 2017

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Mary Madelynn Nayga: Connecting Science and Math

06 Oct 2017

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Samreena Samreena: In Pursuit of Pure Math

26 Aug 2016

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Vahatra Rabodonandrianandraina: The Joy of Applied Mathematics

17 Mar 2016

A STEP in the Right Direction

Pakistani student benefits from ICTP PhD enrichment program

15 Dec 2015

Nobel Influence

A Diploma alumna and an Associate share their close encounters with recent Nobel Laureates

31 Aug 2015

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Sarah Oliva: For the Love of Lava

18 Aug 2015

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Alaa Elshorbagy: A passion for mathematics

19 Jan 2015

A Director’s Take

Scope of ICTP's reach deeply impresses filmmaker