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How, when and where to apply for a visa

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Travel to Italy may require that you obtain a visa before you can enter the country. After you arrive, you may be required to obtain a Declaration/Permit of Stay. ICTP visitors are also required to have health insurance while they are at the Trieste campus. Click on the links to the left to learn more about what you need to do before you arrive at ICTP.

Want to know what the weather is like in Trieste, or what time zone we are in? Read on!

  • Climate: Trieste is located in northeastern Italy, on the Adriatic sea. Although it seldom snows, the local climate ranges from cold (as low as -2C and less in December-February) and windy (due to a cold wind from the NE called the bora), to hot (as high as +30C in July-August). In all seasons, it is advisable to have an umbrella, waterproof shoes and sweater. In winter, a coat, gloves, hat and scarf are necessary. In summer, a bathing costume is useful.
  • Time Zone: Trieste is in the Central European Time zone, which is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. From end March to end October, Italy (and the rest of Central Europe) is on Daylight Saving Time, which makes it 2 hours ahead of GMT.
  • Currency: The Euro is the official currency in Italy. In Italy, cash payments are the norm. However, large shops, restaurants and travel agencies accept major credit cards, Travel and Euro-Cheques. Note that cashing cheques issued by foreign banks can present considerable difficulty. Italian banking law prescribes that such cheques can be deposited only into a bank account, and a charge is normally levied upon this transaction.
  • Airport Transportation: Click here for transport options from several airports to ICTP.