Greetings from ICTP Director Fernando Quevedo

Welcome to ICTP! We are the world's first and leading global scientific institution for fundamental research and development. Over its 50 years of existence, ICTP has played the crucial role of being a bridge between North and South and East and West, the latter during the Cold War. Through the adoption of the universal language of science, ICTP has demonstrated the importance of a global approach to address the problems of our time. Its primordial mission is to bring together scientists from all over the world in order to facilitate the dissemination of scientific know-how in the poorer parts of the world.

In line with the dramatic geo-economic changes taking place, we are now entering a new phase in which ICTP should take a leading role in promoting better working conditions for scientists in the developing world. We aspire to assist science policy makers and scientists of these countries in the creation of local centres of excellence and active scientific networks. In order to confront these new challenges, ICTP will collaborate with scientists in emerging countries, assisting in this way the poorest regions in Africa, Latin America and Asia whilst, simultaneously, strengthening and broadening the research activities of our Centre.

During its 50 years, ICTP has benefited more 130,000 scientists, although the real impact goes beyond any measurable quantity. Today, we are facing new exciting challenges since the mission of our Centre is as important, if not more, than it was at the time of its inception: to foster top quality scientific research and knowledge in all corners of the world to achieve cultural richness, sustained development and the survival of humankind.

With best wishes,

Fernando Quevedo

Director, ICTP