Professor Marc Mézard, Chair

Professor, Bocconi University Milan, Italy

Bocconi University Milan, Italy

Marc Mézard is Professor at Bocconi University Milano, department of Computational Sciences, and Chair of the ICTP Scientific Council.

He is Professor of Theoretical Physics. He studied physics at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and  obtained his PhD in 1984. From 2012 and 2022he was  Director of Ecole normale supérieure, and then joined Bocconi University as  professor, in the newly created department of computational sciences. 

His main field of research is the statistical physics of disordered systems and its use in various branches of science  biology, economics and finance, information theory, computer science, statistics, signal processing and biophysics. In recent years his research has focused on information processing in neural networks, machine learning and deep networks. He is particularly interested in the theoretical impact of data structure on learning strategies and generalization performance.

He has received a number of scientific prizes including the silver medal of CNRS, the Ampere prize of the French Academy of Science, the Humboldt Gay-Lussac prize from the German Humboldt Foundation, and the Lars Onsager prize from the American Physical Society. He is a member of the European Academy of Science.