Quantitative Life Sciences


The progressive integration of a wide range of different disciplines - including physics, statistics, information theory, biochemistry, genetics and medicine, population genetics and game theory - and increased availability of quantitative data has led to major advances in most diverse domains of life sciences, from molecular and cell biology to terrestrial and oceanic ecology, economics and quantitative finance. The integration process between disciplines has led to the consolidation of a new research domain, which we describe as ‘quantitative life sciences’ to provide a sense of its breadth. Detailed information...


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» Random Matrices, Random Graphs and Statistical Physics for Machine Learning and Inference | (smr 3703)

» Eco-evolutionary Dynamics of Microbial Communities Across Scales | (smr 3714)

» Youth in High-Dimensions: Recent Progress in Machine Learning, High-Dimensional Statistics and Inference | (smr 3719)

» Workshop on Quantitative Human Ecology | (smr 3728)

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