Quantitative Life Sciences


The progressive integration of a wide range of different disciplines - including physics, statistics, information theory, biochemistry, genetics and medicine, population genetics and game theory - and increased availability of quantitative data has led to major advances in most diverse domains of life sciences, from molecular and cell biology to terrestrial and oceanic ecology, economics and quantitative finance. The integration process between disciplines has led to the consolidation of a new research domain, which we describe as ‘quantitative life sciences’ to provide a sense of its breadth. Detailed information...

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» Entropy production in non-equilibrium systems

» Overview of human population dynamics in the decades to come

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» Conference on Collective Behavior | (smr 3201)

» Conference on the Complex Interactions of Light and Biological Matter: Experiments meet Theory | (smr 3120)

» Workshop on Operations Research of Biological Systems | (smr 3223)

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