African Review of Physics

A free, on-line, peer-reviewed, international journal for African scientists

The African Review of Physics is a free, open access, on-line, peer reviewed, international journal that publishes reviews, research articles, brief communications, and the proceedings of conferences held in Africa. It publishes in all branches of experimental and theoretical physics with an emphasis on originality and relevance to the basic understanding of contemporary physics and related interdisciplinary fields.

Originally named The African Physical Review, it was created in 2007 by ICTP to improve the communication capabilities of scientists in developing nations. The journal became the official organ of the African Physical Society in January 2010.

The African Review of Physics is widely listed by libraries and other eJournal listing organizations around the world. The African Review of Physics has now a truly international character with an increased usage worldwide. Its major readership continues to be in the highly industrialized nations of North America, Europe as well as many emerging nations.  The submission rate continues to be dominated by African authors despite an increase from other nations worldwide. It thus helps disseminate globally the high quality results obtained by scientific researchers working in developing nations. 

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