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Apply for a PWF project and join our volunteer network


The official PWF call for applications is now open.  Please submit your application through the ICTP  online application system.

The deadline for submitting applications is now 15 May 2020.


You would like to submit a project proposal, but don’t know where to start? Read these guidelines or contact us to get assistance in putting it together.


You don't have a project proposal in mind, but would like to collaborate with us? You can apply to volunteer, and if successful you may be placed on a project, or be invited to give online outreach webinars. 

Please send an e-mail to including a copy of your CV and details of your motivation. The selectionfor PWF volunteers id very competitive, so make sure yopu specify in your CV your degree, area(s) of research, as well as past teaching/training experiences. If you have organized schools or similar events in the past, please let us have evidence of it (for instance, link to the activity's web page). This is of paramount importance in the selection process.

Please note that our volunteers have already obtained their PhD or are at least PhD students. They should have connections and an ongoing collaboration with the county they would like to volunteer in/for.

We are eager to hear from countries in conflict areas, and are on-hand to help you with your application.

Budget guidelines: PWF projects are driven by volunteers, and although there is small amounts of funding available for travel grants, other financial support must be provided by the host universities and partner sponsors.


All PWF’s programmes are organised and run by volunteer physicists and mathematicians wishing to share their knowledge with and motivate university students all around the world, especially in developing countries. Our limited budget normally allows us to cover travel expenses for some selected participants, so volunteers are always welcome!

Please read below to see what type of programmes you can apply for, but keep in mind that each PWF project is unique, developed with the country’s specific needs in mind.  Contact us and we will provide you guidance throughout the planning.



Are you a faculty member at a university in a developing country and would like to request a course for your department that you are currently unable to offer? This can be any undergraduate or masters course in physics or mathematics.

Eligibility: This call is open to physicists and mathematicians who are faculty members in universities in developing countries.

Application: Please contact us providing us your CV, and details about what sort of course you are interested in and the motivation for the application. Grants are typically given for travel.



Collaborators from a host country and international researchers are invited to submit applications to host a school for undergraduate or master students on a given field of research. 

Eligibility: This call is open to applications from a group hoping to organise a school. The members of the group are often young PhD students or post docs along with more senior researches in collaboration with members of the physics department in the host country.

Application: Please contact us providing us your CV, details about which field of research or topics you would like the school to focus on, and the motivation for the application. Grants are typically given for travel. 




Are you a researcher from a developing country working abroad and passionate to promote your research field in your home country? We can help you organise a roadshow where you along with some collaborators visit universities throughout a country to deliver motivational one-day programmes. We are available to help you put the roadshow team and programme together.

Eligibility: This call is open to applications from a group of researchers from PhD level upwards wishing to promote their field of research in a host country. The members of the group will often contain researcher originally from the host country working internationally and who are passionate to promote their field in their country, along with international researchers.

The group must visit a number of universities in the host country providing, for example, lectures, training and hands on sessions, and may include additional seminars, public talks, or organise outreach events.

Application: Please contact us providing us your CV, and details about which field of research you would like the roadshow to be focused on, and the motivation for the application. Grants are typically given for travel.


Here you can find some example of successful applications for University courses, schools and roadshows.


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