Yenca Olivia Migoya Orue

Permanent Scientific Staff
Yenca Migoya Orue
+39 040 2240 338
+39 040 2240 338
Yenca Migoya Orué is researcher of the Ionosphere Section of STI (ICTP). Her research activities are focused on ionosphere modeling, Space Weather studies and Data science.

Yenca Migoya-Orué was Researcher and Assistant Professor of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN) in Argentina. She participated in several international projects with organizations and companies of the Space sector. 
Through her work in ICTP, she trained students and has been collaborating with researchers from developing countries for more than 15 years.
She developed the online version of the NeQuick ionospheric model. 
Currently she serves as one of the national Italian coordinators in the International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI).

- 2014-date Researcher STI (PA) (ICTP)
- 2009-2014 Scientific Consultant (ICTP)
- 2003-2008 Professor (Assistant) Computers Architecture (Universidad Tecnologica Nacional) Tucuman, Argentina
- 2004-2008 Researcher (Upper Atmosphere and Radiopropagation Center -CIASUR-UTN) Tucuman, Argentina
- 2004-2008 Visiting Scientist of Ionosphere Laboratory (Universidad Nacional de Tucuman) Argentina