Local Buses

Connecting ICTP and Trieste

Local Bus 6 brings visitors to ICTP from Trieste. Tickets for the bus must be purchased before you board the vehicle; you can purchase these at ICTP's InfoPoint and at the Centre's guesthouse receptions, as well as at the main train station in Trieste and at many local news vendors. Upon boarding the bus, your ticket must be validated by one of the machines on the bus. Please note that local bus etiquette dictates that bus riders enter the bus through the front or rear doors and exit through the middle doors.

The Bus 6 schedule changes depending on the season; "Estivo" means summer, and "Invernale" means winter. A link to the Bus 6 timetable is here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: From 6 May until 9 June 2019, Bus 6 will be running less frequently to and from Grignano: every 30 minutes. A new branch of the Bus 6 line, indicated with the number "6/", goes from the city to Barcola every 10 minutes, ending its run at piazzale 11 Settembre 2001. These changes are in effect until 9 June, when the summer bus schedules will begin.

Bus 6 will now depart from Grignano at 05 and 35 minutes past the hour. More details (in Italian) about the schedule changes can be found at the Trieste Trasporti website (https://www.triestetrasporti.it/2019/05/6-e-36-invernale/).