Programme for Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL)



How to apply to TRIL

Applications and supporting documentation are accepted only via the ICTP online application system. Applications, supporting documents and additional information arriving by other means (such as email or regular post) will not be considered.

Applications will be kept on the system for a maximum of two years from submission of the complete form (including referee letters) and evaluated in the event that fellowships become available.

Before filling in the TRIL online application form, applicants should:

  • thoroughly read the sections relating to the Requirements, Conditions and Selection process for TRIL fellowships;
  • prepare their Curriculum Vitae in .pdf format;
  • prepare a complete list of publications (including books and articles) in anti-chronological order in .pdf format. The title of papers should be listed and the journal where they are published. Two separate lists should be included in the file: one for peer reviewed (ISI) journals and one for non-ISI journals. Unpublished works may be mentioned under a different heading.

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Registering and using the online application system
To create and manage an application a valid login email address and password are required. Once the login information is successfully created, one can return to the application form at any time.

The system has various built-in safeguards to help maintain the privacy of the data. All documents are treated with utmost confidentiality. During the selection process, access will be given to the relevant Italian Laboratory.

Any technical problems with the online application process should be reported to:

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Online application form
The online application is comprised of several pages where information must be entered or files must be uploaded. The list pages of the application is located on the left margin. As each page is completed, a green tick-mark will show against it. This list is also a menu, so one can quickly navigate between pages.

If the applicant cannot answer all the required questions, it is possible to save a draft application and return to it at a later time to complete it. It is possible to make changes or additions at any time both to the form itself and to the attachments. Applicants are encouraged to always keep the information in the online application up-to-date.

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Data entry and information saving
When completing the online application form, comprehensive instructions will guide the applicant step-by step on how to fill out and submit the form.

All questions must be replied to in English.

It is important that the name of the applicant is spelt the same way in all documents, i.e. as it appears in the applicant's passport.

Applicants must specify their field of research and provide a detailed description of the proposed training/research he/she is interested in carrying out during the fellowship, as well as any specific problem to be dealt with during the fellowship. Relevance of the field of interest is the determining factor for assignment of the host laboratory.

Applicants will also be asked to provide a short account of the benefits of the fellowship to the development of the field in their country.

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Uploading documents
The Curriculum Vitae and the list of publications must be uploaded in.pdf format directly in the relevant page of the application.

All documentation must be presented in English and submitted electronically.

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Submission of recommendations
Two letters of recommendation are required from individuals who is knowledgeable of the work of the applicant. The applicant will enter the names and email addresses of the referees in the relevant page of the application form. Once the applicant has entered the information and saved it, the system will automatically send a notification email to the referees. The email will inform them that you are applying for a TRIL fellowship and provide them with a link to the login page. The referees must log in to the system to submit their recommendation letter and access the online evaluation form. In the summary of the application form, the applicant will be able to monitor the submission of the referee reports.

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Submitting of application form
Each page of the application form must be validated by the green tick-mark against it. Once all the pages of application are validated, one should click on the Submit page. If the application form is not yet complete, the system will mark in red the parts that are incomplete.

In submitting an application form for a fellowship, the applicant does not incur any obligations to accept the appointment if selected.

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