machine learning

Antonio Celani, Head of QLS Section
ICTP’s QLS section explores topics at the interface between biology, physics and mathematics
Quantitative Life Sciences
Claudio Arezzo, Head of the MATH section
ICTP’s MATH section explores various key areas of mathematics
Stéphane Mallat in the ICTP Budinich Lecture Hall
2024 Salam Distinguished lecturer Stéphane Mallat on the dialogue between the two disciplines
Diploma student: Ronald Cortes
Ronald Cortes - Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics
Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics
TinyML workshop
ICTP runs workshop on scaling university research and teaching on embedded machine learning
Science, Technology and Innovation
Youth in High Dimensions event
ICTP hosts interdisciplinary meeting on machine learning, high-dimensional problems and inference
Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics
Quantitative Life Sciences