Giving to ICTP

ICTP combines excellence in research with a unique global mission for international cooperation through science.

It is our core belief that science is a shared language that transcends national boundaries and provides a common platform for dialogue. As our Founding Director Abdus Salam summarised, 'science is a common heritage of all humankind'.

ICTP was envisioned as an international hub for advanced science and as an anchor for building scientific capacity in the developing world, emphasising the essential role of basic sciences in development. This pivotal role of ICTP is all the more important today but requires flexibility to take into account changing realities and priorities.

Testimonial HawkingIt also requires your financial support. ICTP has launched a fundraising campaign and invites you to make an online donation by clicking on the PayPal button on this page. The link goes to ICTP's PayPal form, offered through UNESCO (ICTP is a Category 1 UNESCO institute).

Your support will enable ICTP to continue to impact the lives of an even greater number of scientists in the developing world. See our funding priorities to see how you can help us build sustainable science.

Other Ways to Give

ICTP also accepts donations by bank checks. You can give by mailing a check (US Dollar and Euro only) payable to: "The Director of ICTP." Checks should be mailed to:

Institute Advancement Office
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Strada Costiera, 11
Trieste, 34151, ITALY