Science, Technology and Innovation


Digital Fabrication and Science Dissemination

Our activities are a concrete example of helping to bridge knowledge divide in terms of inclusion by applying cost-effective, open source digital technologies for the dissemination, support and internationalization of science.

We provide support to many scientific and outreach ICTP activities and organize many open, hands-on training workshops, Maker Faire and Hackathon events. The Fab Lab, which remains open to the public of all ages works in community building and raises awareness on an international level.

Ongoing research


DisseminationThe dissemination of scientific data, educational STEM material and scientific information.

Open Source

The development, implementation and management of open source applications especially in support of science and education, in particular, for scholars with disabilities.


AppsThe integration of new, innovative rich-media and state-of-the-art apps to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and exchange of ideas.


SciFabLabThe support of Scientific Fabrication Laboratories (SciFabLabs) around the world. These FabLabs of scientific nature offer work space and equipment to encourage scientists and "makers" –i.e., people who like to design and build technological devices to bring their creative ideas to life.