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Mlab TeamMLab is a Multidisciplinary Laboratory for research, training, and development of advanced scientific instrumentation, and open to scientists from developing countries. The main activities of the MLab are focused on the development of scientific instruments and methods based on modern technology for the frontiers of experimental particle physics and multidisciplinary experimental research. An important role of the MLab is to organize hands-on schools and workshops. The training subjects are selected by taking into account not only its scientific relevance but also its potential socioeconomic impact for most developing countries. The knowledge obtained through experimental training strengthens the ability of scientists to propose and autonomously conduct research under the prevailing conditions in their home countries. The MLab works with many international research institutions, including CERN, IAEA, INFN and ELETTRA Synchrotron Trieste; and regularly hosts visiting scientists, PhD students, and other collaborators.

The MLab scientific coordinator is Maria Liz Crespo and the technical coordinator is Andres Cicuttin.



Labs-SciFabLabFabLabs are a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access to tools for rapid digital fabrication. The ICTP Scientific FabLab is a workshop area for Makers within ICTP campus and it offers the possibility of digital fabrication and rapid prototyping for projects in the fields of science, education and sustainable development. FabLabs share an evolving inventory of core capabilities to make (almost) anything, allowing people and projects to be shared. The ICTP Scientific FabLab is equipped with an ensemble of flexible manufacturing equipment including: a laser cutter, a variety of low-cost 3D printers and scanners, a CNC machine, open technologies including micro-controllers and sensors, mini computers, etc. Free membership for the use of this SciFabLab is subject to acceptance of a guest project and stands for the period of the project itself.

The SciFabLab manager is Carlo Fonda.


Marconi Lab

Marconi LabThe Marconi Lab is a laboratory for ICTP's programmes on wireless communications, Internet of Things and sources of ionospheric data. Equipment in the lab are constantly evolving to reflect the advances in those rapidly evolving fields. For training in these disciplines to be effective, research and assessments of different technical solutions are carried out and then some of them are implemented in pilot deployments in developing countries.

The Marconi Lab scientific coordinator is Bruno Nava.


Lab Locations on the ICTP Campus