High Energy, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics


String Theory and Quantum Gravity


Unification of  General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics into a  coherent theory of Quantum Gravity has been one of the outstanding challenges in theoretical physics.  Such a framework is necessary for understanding the structure of spacetime in extreme conditions where quantum gravity effects are important, for example, in the vicinity of a black hole or the big bang singularity. String theory offers one of the most promising approaches towards such a theory that has the potential to unify  all known elementary particles and fundamental interactions into a single framework.

ICTP's  theorists have made important contributions in these explorations. Some of the key areas of research  include  the physics of quantum black holes, strongly coupled quantum field theories, string compactifications, topological string theory and connections with new mathematics, and the fundamental principles of the holographic correspondence. 

Pavel Putrov is interested in mathematical aspects of quantum field theory and its interactions with geometry and topology.
George Thompson has research interests in Topological field theory and Quantum field theory in general.
Agnese Bissi has research interests in Conformal field theory, AdS/CFT correspondence and Conformal bootstrap.