Scientific Outreach

ICTP has a long tradition of scientific capacity building in developing countries. Over the last few decades, ICTP has supported numerous activities throughout the developing world, including training programmes, networks, and the establishment of affiliate centres.

Many of the Centre's activities in developing countries are coordinated by the Office of External Activities.

ICTP recently opened a South American Institute for Fundamental Research in Sao Paulo, Brazil. More details on ICTP activity in Latin America can be found on the Latin America Focus Page.

The Centre is also very active in Africa; for details, please visit the Africa portal.

ICTP's Science Dissemination Unit (SDU) researches and develops innovative, low-cost information and communication technology solutions for developing countries, and provides  ICT training.

To improve the communication capabilities of scientists in developing nations, ICTP has created The African Review of Physics to bridge the knowledge gap resulting from the inability of a large number of academic institutions in African countries to subscribe to leading physics periodicals.