Program Sponsors

LOGO_IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA, Vienna, Austria)

The IAEA gives scientific and financial support to the Master program in the form of student fellowships and educational materials used in courses. The head of the Physics Section of the IAEA’s Human Health Division is also acting as an external advisor to the MMP.

LOGO_ACS American Cancer Society, Inc. (ACS, Oklahoma City, USA)

The ACS has provided two scholarships to help train students from Africa. The money supports an international initiative to assist Ethiopia in expanding the number of cancer centers in the country--bringing treatment closer to the population--and provide long-term training of cancer specialists. In 2017, ACS selected and sponsored two Ethiopian graduated physicist enrolled in the Master cycle 2017-2018.

 LOGO_TA Tecnologie Avanzate (TA, Turin, Italy)

TA has granted access to ICTP for user sessions on a RayStation virtual platform (RaySearch, Sweden) that allows any participant of ICTP's medical physics activities to perform radiotherapy planning exercises. Up to 15 independent sessions can run on 15 different PCs at ICTP thanks to TA's important contribution.

  Prof. Günter Hartmann (Heidelberg, Germany)

Prof. Günter Hartmann (German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany) has offered a software platform based on JAVA to simulate the absolute dosimetry of MV  X-ray beams and high energy electron beams  delivered by clinical linear accelerators. The software simulates the absolute dosimetry of X-ray and electron beams according to the IAEA code of practice. Prof. Hartmann’s software is freely available for educational purposes (not for clinical use). Institutions or individuals can download the simulation software by writing to the MMP secretariat and declaring that it will be used only for educational purposes (  

 LOGO_IOMP International Organisation For Medical Physics (IOMP)

The IOMP is contributing to the Master program through scientific support. The MMP syllabus follows IOMP recommendations for the academic education and clinical training of medical physicists.
IOMP has provided the International Accreditation to the MMP,  making the degree of greater value to MMP graduates thanks to its international recognition. The IOMP’s current president, Prof. Slavik Tabakov, is acting as external advisor for the program.


European Federation Of Organisations For Medical Physics (EFOMP)

EFOMP has supported the development of the MMP, with its officers participating as external auditors of the clinical training program.


 LOGO_AIFM Associazione Italiana di Fisica Medica (AIFM)

With its 1000 members, AIFM, the Italian medical physics society, is strongly supporting MMP’s academic and clinical training program. Presently, medical physics departments from 18 large universities and/or oncology departments at Italian hospitals are part of the network of hospitals for MMP’s clinical training. Senior medical physicists are teachers in the academic courses of the first year and/or clinical supervisors of the Master’s students in the second year of the program.