MMP Selection Process

Summary of candidate selection process

The Selection Process

The selection committee is made up of Members of the Master’s Committee. Each application received is carefully considered on an individual basis and the selection is based on: age, academic title, research activity and professional experience in the field and on the letter/s of recommendation. Other factors, such as nationality and gender are also taken into consideration.

The pre-selected applicants will be asked to submit to ICTP the "Dichiarazione di Valore" from the Italian Embassy in their country, testifying that their curriculum studiorum is equivalent to the Italian "Laurea specialistica".

IAEA is supporting a limited number of qualified through a Interregional Technical Cooperation Project. The pre-selected applicants from countries having an active TC project will be requested to submit the nomination to IAEA through the established official channels using the IAEA nomination form.

From the pre-selected list of applicants that have provided valid “Dichiarazione di Valore” and from the IAEA evaluation on the submitted nominations, up to 30 students will be finally selected.

The selected students will be contacted with the result of their application immediately after the selection has been made. No responses will be provided to any enquiries prior to the finalization of the selection.