Senior Associates

Being an Associate has been a great opportunity for me. It has improved my teaching and research outputs. I have been able to network with many scientists in my research area within my country and across the globe.

Dr.  Elijah Oyeyemi,  University of Lagos, Nigeria


The Senior Associates programme is designed for scientists - between the ages of 46 and 65 at the time of application - whose main affiliation is in a developing country.

It enables them to maintain long term formal contacts with the stimulating and active scientific environment of the Centre by supporting their visits to ICTP where they are exposed to the most modern aspects of their scientific fields.

Associates are expected to play a major role in building their scientific communities, enhancing physics and mathematics education at all levels, and planning research projects related to the specific needs of their home regions.

In addition to the research fields listed below, ICTP  Associates can also pursue research in the field of Digital and Computer Networking.

Fields of research

High Energy, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics

Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics



Earth System Physics

Science, Technology and Innovation

  • Advanced Scientific Instrumentation
  • Digital Fabrication and Science Dissemination
  • Ionospheric Physics, Ionospheric Modelling, Space Weather
  • Optics
  •  Wireless ICT and Internet of Things

Quantitative Life Sciences

Medical Physics

Who can apply

Senior Associateships are intended for scientists with an international recognition for their work and aged between 46 and 65 at the time of application.

All applicants must hold a PhD and have their main affiliation in a scientific institute in a developing country. Awards given to scientists who move to a developed economy will be suspended or cancelled.




Senior Associateship awards have a six-year duration and a fixed allocation of funds. These funds are made available for visits in the form of a living allowances and/or travel expenses. During the six years, Senior Associate Members may apply to visit the Centre as often and for as long as they wish, until the allocation is exhausted, although the maximum duration of any visit is 60 days.


Phone: (+39) 040 2240 554/624

Associates Programme
Scientists from age 45 to 65 working in developing countries
for Developing countries
6-year appointment; unlimited visits of up to 60 days each
To be announced