Junior Research Grants, Trieste Laboratory on Quantitative Sustainability

QLS participates in a selection for junior research grants with the Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS). For the grant "The new data science for sustainability and human ecology", the holder of the research grant  will work at the intersection between Data Science, Complex Systems Theory and Sustainability Science. The goal of the project is to integrate data-driven analyses and results into mechanistic models of phenomena related to the different dimensions of sustainability. The research may address different specific subjects (e.g., ecosystems services and conservation, human demography, economic inequality) depending on the background of the candidate and on the collaboration with the other teams of the Laboratory. A special emphasis will be placed on the integration of the human, natural, and technological dimensions. The job will allow considerable freedom and independence in the choice of topic and collaborators, within the general remit of the project. The ideal candidate has skills in Data Science or statistical physics of complex systems, in economics, game theory and social networks.

Fields of research

Data Science, Complex Systems Theory and Sustainability Science

Who can apply

The requirements for the admission to the public selection are:

  • Master’s Degree, obtained in accordance with the current Italian legislation prior to the Ministerial Decree no. 509/99 or master’s degree within Ministerial Decree no. 270/04 in all assimilated classes pursuant Interministerial Decree dated 9th July 2009 and according to the table annexed to the same Decree, obtained by Italian Universities or degrees issued by Universities abroad;
  • Either at least two years of research activities or enrolment to the third year of a PhD course in the topics related to each profile;
  • possession of a suitable professional scientific curriculum related to each profile;
  • good knowledge of the English language.

Candidates who obtained a qualification abroad that has been declared equivalent by the Italian competent educational authorities or validated according to the rules in force (Art. 38 Legislative Decree 165/2001), are admitted to participate in the call.

The candidate without such requisite at the date of the application shall submit a detailed documentation concerning his/her education in order to allow the Selection Board to evaluate the application limited to the present call for applicants.

The admission requirements must be fulfilled at the date of publication of this notice of recruitment.


The gross annual salary of the research professionalizing fellowship, net for charges borne by OGS and including the social security contributions concerning the part borne by the grantee, is equal to € 25,000.00 and shall be paid in monthly instalments.

From the third year, the annual amount of the fellowship, net for charges borne by OGS and including the social security contributions concerning the part borne by the grantee, will be re-modulated for the total amount of €27,000.00, when there is financial provision and subject to the positive evaluation of the research activities of the fellow by a Selection Board appointed by the Director of the Section/Department and consisting of the same Director of the Section/Department, the person in charge of the research project and an expert in the field. The amount of the fellowship does not include any possible allowance for missions in Italy and abroad which may be deemed necessary for the implementation of the research activities connected to the fellowship. The mission allowance is determined in proportion to the allowance paid to the OGS staff belonging to the III professional level. Fiscal and social security regulatory provisions in force are applied to all fellowships.

How to apply

See the full announcement with application instructions at

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