Calling All Diploma Programme Applicants

Question & Answer Session January 20
Calling All Diploma Programme Applicants

ICTP's Diploma Programme is an intense educational programme, designed to give students interested in doctorate work and research in physics and mathematics the best possible preparation. Many potential applicants have questions about this unique programme, which is where the annual question and answer session can help. This year's "Virtual Q&A" will be held via Zoom on Thursday 20 January from 15:00 to 16:00 CET, and you are invited to participate

Featuring present and former Diploma students, the session will begin with an overview of the Postgraduate Diploma Programme by its coordinator, Mikhail Kiselev. Five field sections are accepting students: High Energy Physics, Mathematics, Condensed Matter Physics, Earth System Physics, and Quantitative Life Sciences. The application deadline has been extended to February 28, and all interested young scientists are encouraged to attend the Q&A session to find out about their eligibility for the programme and other aspects. Registration is free.

The event will also be livestreamed on ICTP's YouTube channel.

Questions can be submitted beforehand via ICTP's social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram. All attendees can also ask questions of all alumni and professors during the event.