5th Siembra-HoLAGrav Young Frontiers Meeting

Bringing young researchers to the frontier of the current understanding of Holography, Gravity, Theoretical High Energy Physics, and related topics
5th Siembra-HoLAGrav Young Frontiers Meeting

ICTP's partner institute in Brazil, the ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research (SAIFR), is pleased to announce a call for applications for the 5th Young Frontiers Meeting, to take place from 23 to 25 September 2024 via Zoom. The meeting is part of the Siembra-HoLAGrav Collab (a network of Latin American physicists working on holography and gravity) supported by the ICTP-SAIFR. 

The meeting is targeted to early-career scientists, bringing them to the frontiers of the current understanding of Holography and related topics.

The meeting will include three short courses:

  • Mauricio Romo: "Supersymmetric localization in 2 dimensions and applications"
  • Anayeli Ramirez: "Lectures on gauge-strings dualities"
  • Javier Peraza: "Symplectic Geometry at null Infinity"

There will also be talks by PhD students and early postdocs. Shorter presentations from MSc and advanced undergraduates will be considered in gong-show format. Register before the 16 August deadline at

These seminars serve the purpose of showcasing the early career researchers’ work. The meeting is very timely, preparing  people for the next round of postdoctoral and doctoral selection. Senior researchers are encouraged to direct and motivate their students and postdocs to give a talk.

The participation of senior researchers would be highly appreciated and is strongly encouraged. Please join in, ask questions, clarify concepts, or propose ideas. This will be a very useful contribution to the activity.

The meeting is organised by:

Mosso Rojas Miroslava  (JGU Mainz)
Acito Lucas (UNLP-CONICET)
Sempé Matias (UNLP-CONICET)
de la Ossa Xenia (Oxford University)
Chernicoff Mariano (UNAM, México)
Cabo Bizet Nana (Guanajuato University)

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