ICTP Launches Global Scientific Portal

Welcome to ICTP's dynamic, interactive site!
ICTP science portal

ICTP is greeting the new year with the launch of a dynamic, interactive internet portal that aims to promote the Centre's activities and achievements as well as encourage international scientific networking. Accessible at, the portal represents the first phase of what the Centre plans to be a global scientific portal that will encourage networking amongst ICTP's vast international community of physicists and mathematicians. The goal is to reinforce the connections that scientists make through their participation in ICTP activities and programmes. 

ICTP encourages its community to visit the new portal and browse its features. Familiar pages such as ICTP's popular Scientific Calendar can be found, but with a new graphic design and with more options to filter activities. The richer filtering options also appear on a new page dedicated to ICTP's numerous education and training opportunities so that users can more easily find options right for them. The portal will eventually incorporate more multimedia products such as videos and interactive infographics. It was designed with mobility in mind: its responsive design optimises viewing on mobile devices.  

The Centre welcomes feedback about the new portal. Users can send their comments to