In Memoriam

Philippe Nozieres
In Memoriam

ICTP learned with sorrow of the passing of Philippe Nozieres, an eminent French theoretical condensed matter physicist, on 14 June 2022 at the age of 90.  His many fundamental contributions include the development of the Nozieres-Pines theory of Fermi liquids and dielectric theory of correlation energy, the Nozieres-De Dominicis theory of core level spectra, the Nozieres-Schmitt Rink theory of crossover between BCS superconductivity and Bose-Einstein pair condensation, the Nozieres theory of the Kondo effect, the Nozieres-Gallet theory of surface roughening, and many others.

He has been awarded numerous prizes and recognitions, including the Wolf Prize, and membership in the United States Academy of Sciences and in the French Academy of Sciences. Beyond that, ICTP and SISSA scientist Erio Tosatti, a longtime friend of Nozieres', underlined "his scientific and humanistic breadth coupled with the greatest integrity and a sense of science as a branch of human culture, that have made Nozieres an important "maitre a' penser" of our times."

Nozieres  lectured at ICTP's 1994 Spring College in Condensed Matter on Quantum Phases (smr 758; his hand-written transparencies are available at ). He visited again in 2012, delivering  a memorable colloquium on “Sixty Years of Condensed Matter Physics” at  SISSA, where SISSA professor Michele Fabrizio had been his postdoc.


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