Ethics in Machine Learning

11 November event presents risks & rewards of using data algorithms
Ethics in Machine Learning

From helping farmers adapt to climate change to predicting disease outbreaks, Machine Learning (ML) is being harnessed by scientists in developing countries to seek effective solutions to some of humanity's most pressing problems.

ML, an Artificial Intelligence technique, teaches computers to learn from experience, using computational methods to “learn” information directly from data. With ML's potential, however, comes the possibility for abuse, misuse and unintended consequences. One example is algorithmic AI bias or “data bias,” where algorithms are trained using biased data. This might have unintended consequences on society or even on scientific results.

A panel discussion to be held online on Friday 11 November from 13:30 to 15:30 CET, titled Embedding Ethics in Machine Learning, will present case studies from various parts of the world and discuss the need for a wider perspective on ML ethical challenges.

The event will take place online via Zoom and will be livestreamed on ICTP's YouTube channel. More details on how to connect and follow the event will be posted here.

The 11 November event is part of a series of panel discussions organised by ICTP in celebration of the 2022 International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development. Past talks have included:

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