ICTP Colloquium by Giulia Galli

Materials and Molecules on December 2
ICTP Colloquium by Giulia Galli

ICTP is pleased to welcome Professor Giulia Galli of the University of Chicago to give an Online Colloquium on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, at 16:00 CET, on "Materials and Molecules Through In-silico Lenses."

The Colloquium will be held online and is open to all with pre-registration. A question and answer session will follow the Colloquium. The talk will also be livestreamed on ICTP's Youtube page with a recording posted following the event.

Galli's research activity is focused on the development and use of theoretical and computational methods to understand and predict the properties and behavior of materials (solids, liquids and nanostructures) from first principles. At the University of Chicago, she is the Liew Family professor of Electronic Structure and Simulations in the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering and Professor of Chemistry. She also holds a Senior Scientist position at Argonne National Laboratory, where she is the director of the Midwest Integrated Center for Computational Materials.

Abstract: Materials are enablers of innovation in science and technology and have brought about revolutionary changes to society: familiar examples are the materials used in transistors and in batteries that have become omnipresent in our daily lives. In this talk we will tell an atomic-level story of how we can predict and design materials for next generation technologies, by combining theories based on quantum mechanics, software running on high performance computers and ever-growing amounts of data. We aim to tackle two outstanding challenges: designing sustainable materials to efficiently capture solar energy and enable technologies deployable in both developed and developing countries, and inventing materials to build radically novel sensors and computers, to move in earnest into the quantum information age.

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