STEP Deadline 1 March

Apply now to enrich PhD studies through ICTP program
STEP Deadline 1 March

PhD candidates from developing countries, take note: ICTP is now accepting applications for its Sandwich Training Educational Programme (STEP), run jointly with its UN partner, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); the deadline is 1 March.

STEP fellowships enrich doctoral studies by giving students access to ICTP's and the IAEA’s international community and world-class research and training facilities. With a STEP fellowship, PhD students study at their home universities but have the financial support to visit ICTP or a collaborating institute for a three- to six-month stay each year for three successive years. Fellows work on their PhD theses with their advisors at their home institutes and co-advisors at the hosting institutes. Their PhD is awarded at their home institutes.

Fellowships are awarded on the merit of a thesis project proposed by students and their home country advisors. The STEP fellow is assigned to an appropriate host institute with a designated co-advisor.

For more details and to apply online, visit the STEP website.

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