Become an ICTP Associate

Visiting scheme helps scientists maintain ICTP connection
Become an ICTP Associate

Scientists from and working in developing countries who want to maintain long-term connections with ICTP's stimulating research environment take note: the Centre is now accepting applications for its Associateship Scheme programme.

Applicants must apply online by the 31 January 2018 deadline.

The Associateship Scheme covers travel costs and provides a living allowance for developing-world scientists to visit ICTP several times over a six-year period. The number and length of those visits depends on the age of the scientist:

  • Up to age 35: scientists in this age range are considered as Junior Associates and are entitled to visit ICTP three times for stays of between 30 and 60 days each;
  • Age 36 to 45: scientists in this age range are considered as Regular Associates and are entitled to the same number of visits as a Junior Associate;
  • Age 45 to 65: scientists over the age of 45 are considered Senior Associates and are entitled to a lump sum of money that can be used for unlimited visits to ICTP of up to 60 days each.

Since the Associateship Scheme began in 1964, ICTP has supported the visits of more than 2800 Junior, Regular and Senior Associates. Many have leveraged their ICTP experience to achieve success in their scientific careers. For example, ICTP Associate Omololu Akin-Ojo has been appointed to lead ICTP's new partner institute in Rwanda, the ICTP-East African Institute for Fundamental Research. Another ICTP Associate, Mary Teuw Niane, is the Minister of Higher Education and Research in Senegal.

"There are many benefits of the Associateship Scheme, the most important of which is the possibility of joining efforts to work on topics of mutual interest, which will hopefully result in advances in the field and in science as a whole," claimed Estefania Germàn, an Associate who has worked with ICTP's Condensed Matter Physics group.

Gonzalo Usaj, an Associate from Argentina, said, "The ICTP Associateship Scheme is a way to bridge the gap between developed and developing countries and helps to make science a worldwide matter by allowing scientists from all over the world to get in touch and discuss in an inspiring environment."

For more details on how to apply to become an ICTP Associate, visit the Associateships web page.

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