They're Here!

ICTP welcomes incoming Postgraduate Diploma students
They're Here!

Angele Aja-Fowe of Cameroon shared her dream to earn a PhD and become a lecturer at a university. Jonathan Gonzalo Ball Cap of Guatemala looks forward to the opportunity to prove oneself in a very challenging educational programme. Kenneth Muhumuza of Uganda hopes to one day attain a PhD in geophysics. The three young scientists were among 39 from 23 countries officially welcomed by ICTP at a ceremony marking the start of the academic year for the Centre's Postgraduate Diploma Programme.

"ICTP's Postgraduate Diploma Programme is very successful, and we are proud of it," said ICTP Director Fernando Quevedo in his welcome remarks at the ceremony, adding, "It offers a scientific and cultural learning experience, both of which are important."

Since its inception in 1991, the Diploma Programme has seen 754 students complete the intense, year-long course of study in high energy physics, condensed matter physics, earth system physics and mathematics. Some 76% of alumni have gone on to earn PhDs, and more than half of those have returned to their home countries.

ICTP Deputy Director Seif Randjbar-Daemi outlined the unique benefits of the Diploma Programme to the new students: "Our teachers are in close contact with the students and all are scientists themselves; ICTP's conferences and workshops attract world-class scientists to the Centre; and you will widen your horizons by meeting people from around the world; this teaches tolerance."

Pictures from the ceremony are available on ICTP's Flickr page.

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