Mathematics Research Fellowships at ICTP starting September 2014

Fellowships for outstanding mathematicians from developing countries
Mathematics Research Fellowships at ICTP starting September 2014

Visiting Fellowships for outstanding mathematicians from developing countries starting September 2014.

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) invites applications for a small number of visiting fellowships for outstanding mathematicians from developing countries.

Visiting Fellowships are open to mathematicians of any age and nationality. They are intended for short visits to ICTP (typically between 1 to 3 months) during the period: 1 September 2014 - 31 August 2015 though longer visits (up to 12 months) are possible.

Visiting Fellows must have a PhD in mathematics prior to the start of their Fellowship.

Deadline for applications: 15 January 2014

Preference will be given to candidates who will benefit most from the time spent at ICTP, in the sense of pursuing their own research, using the ICTP facilities, interacting with other mathematicians, and ultimately turning the fellowship into a positive opportunity for their home institution or country as well as for themselves. Women are particularly encouraged to apply.

Candidates should apply using the ICTP online application form. They are required to submit, along with their CV, a detailed research project with specific goals that can be realistically achieved during their planned visit to ICTP. In addition, candidates are requested to provide letters of recommendations from established researchers (instructions for submission of letters of recommendation will be provided after submission of the online application). Both the letters of recommendation and the research project are key components for the evaluation of the candidates. For junior applicants we highly recommend they provide at least three letters of recommendation.

We also welcome applications from small groups, two or three scientists, who wish to spend some time working together on a joint project at ICTP. In such a case, each member of the applicant group must apply separately for a Visiting Fellowship through the ICTP online system, describing in their research project the nature of the joint work planned.

Successful candidates will have the possibility to participate in the Mathematics activities of ICTP, the International School of Advanced Studies (ISAS/SISSA) and the University of Trieste, as well as the opportunity to interact with visiting mathematicians. Details on life at ICTP can be found at Visit ICTP.


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