Spirit of Abdus Salam Award Winners 2019

The ICTP Marie Curie Library, Jacob Palis, Sandro Radicella, Fernando Quevedo


The ICTP Marie Curie Library:  For its important role in supporting ICTP's mission of building sustainable science by providing the services and space conducive to the acquisition of knowledge.

Jacob Palis: For his extraordinary contribution to the cause of science worldwide, as a renowned mathematician, a mentor of young researchers, a leader in key international organizations, and an indefatigable promoter of scientific advancement, especially in the developing world.

Sandro Radicella: For his dedication in fostering research in ionospheric physics, radio science and its applications in digital communications throughout the developing world.

Fernando Quevedo: Over the past decade, Fernando Quevedo has reinforced one of ICTP's core commitments of excellence and world-class theoretical physics research by hiring more researchers and creating new research initiatives in quantitative life sciences, high performance computing, renewable energies and quantum technology.