Spirit of Abdus Salam Award Winners 2014

Pierre Agbedjro, Anne Gatti, Andre-Marie Hamende


Three long-time ICTP staff members--Andre-Marie Hamende, Anne Gatti, and Pierre Agbedjro--were recipients of the inaugural Spirit of Abdus Salam Award. Dr. Hamende, a nuclear engineer from Belgium, was present at the very inception of ICTP and served as the Centre's Senior Administrative and Scientific Information Officer from 1964 to 1990. Gatti, often described as "a pillar of ICTP", began working at ICTP in 1983 as administrative assistant to Abdus Salam and has provided crucial support to every director since then. Agbedjro has been ICTP's official driver since 1985, and has been providing efficient and faithful service to the Centre's thousands of visitors.