ESP Seminar Series 2023/2024

On Tuesdays, at 11am, in the Common Area of the ex SISSA building

Date                             Speaker                                Topic 

23   October                Alessandro Raganato         Tropical to extra-tropical teleconnections  

31   October                Arthur Prigent                      Tropic Atlantic variability in OMIP models

7     November            Johannes de Leeuw            Volcanic ash and SO2 dispersion modeling

14   November            Emanuela Pichelli                Regional Climate Model applications at km-scale

21   November            Zihan Song                            Formation mechanisms for the Southern Ocean deep winter mixed layers

28   November            Chen Lu                                  Attribution of climate extreme events

5     December             Cyril Caminade                    Pandemics, epidemics and environmental change: a complex relationship

12   December            Trishneeta Bhattacharya   Air-sea CO2 flux parameterizations during tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal

30   January                 Maria Vittoria Guarino      Modelling atmospheric gravity waves in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere

6     February               Alexis Martin                        The impact of climate on malaria: a wavelet approach

20   February               Waed Abed                           Detection of High Convective Precipitation Events Using Advanced Machine Learning Methods

27   February               Graziela Luzia                      Addressing the gap between climate and power system modelling

05   March                   Maria Leidinice Da Silva    Evaluation of regional climate model simulations at convection-permitting resolution

12   March                    Tapajyoti  Chakrab             Air-Sea Interaction in Low-Pressure Systems over the North Indian Ocean Basin

19   March                    Michele Petrini (NORCE)   On the (ir)reversibility of the Greenland ice sheet under overshoot scenarios

26     March                 Alejandro Casallas                Understanding convective organization and seeking it through observations

9       April                     Luiza Vargas-Heinz              Impact of climate change on the hydrological cycle of the Great Alpine region

24     April                    Manita Chouksey (IOW)      The Balance Conundrum in Geophysical Flows

7 May                             Erika Coppola                        Advancements in Machine Learning Techniques for High resolution Climate Emulator 

14 May                           Adrian Tompkins                  Tropical convection and humidity variability in observations and Nextgems k-scale global models

21 May                           Kunal Chakraborty               Indian Ocean acidification and its driving mechanisms

11 June                          Giulio Mandorli                     Detecting patters of of shallow convective organization