ICO/ICTP Winners 2004

Imrana Ashraf Zahid and Revati N. KulkarniImrana Ashraf Zahid and Revati N. Kulkarni

Imrana Ashraf Zahid
Revati N. Kulkarni

The ICTP/ICO Award for the year 2004 is awarded to Imrana Ashraf Zahid from the Department of Physics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan, and Revati N. Kulkarni from the International Institute of Information Technology, Pune, India.

These two scientists, in consideration of their research and educational work in their institutions, share the Prize.

Imrana Ashraf Zahid is being conferred the prize for her theoretical studies on the 'Role of Pump-phase Fluctuations in Micromasers"


Revati N. Kulkarni is being conferred the prize for her experimental work on 'Development Methods and Devices for Adaptive Optics".


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