ICO/ICTP Winner 2000

 Arbab Ali Khan Arbab Ali Khan

Arbab Ali Khan

Arbab Ali Khan, from Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan, worked mainly in the field of quantum computing. He designed quantum logic gates for quantum computers based on Bragg scattering of atomic waves from cavity field states. He is now interested in implementing his ideas of quantum computing and quantum teleportation while working in Sweden because it is not possible for his country to afford the expenses and establish the laboratory facilities. Most of his work has been published and recognized by others. He has also represented his country in several national and international conferences. Dr. Khan has also worked in the fields of optical and computer generated holography, fiber and integrated optics and in lasers and optics instrumentation implementing optical computing via classical methods. In addition, he has considerable experience in the field of neural network models that play an important role in random media inverse scattering and in optical tomography and photon migration. In general, he has contributed significantly to various co-operation projects in optics and laser technology between the academic and industrial sectors. His interests also include industrial research and development, optical micro- and nano-technologies, optical design, imaging and visual optics. He believes in doing physics for the welfare promotion of society.


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