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ICTP's live, online science events: Week of 29 June

Interactive Science
Interactive Science


ICTP is expanding its free, online, interactive streaming options for its seminars and colloquia to mitigate some of the effects of isolation during the COVID-19 emergency and beyond. Check our virtual events page  frequently for upcoming events that will be shared via the interactive webinar platform Zoom or other platforms.

To participate in a Zoom event, download the Zoom application from the link and join the meeting with the provided meeting ID.

Please note that the times indicated are in the Central European time zone.

Upcoming virtual seminars for the week of 29 June:

30 June, 11:00
CMSP Seminar (Joint ICTP/SISSA Statistical Physics): Quantum Electronic Circuit Simulation of Quantum Field Theories
Speaker: Ananda Roy (Physik-Department, Technische Universitaet, Munich, Germany

30 June, 14:30
String Theory on AdS3 in theTensionless Limit
Speaker: Gaston Giribet (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

30 June, 15:00
Collective Information Processing - Interplay of Self-organization and Function in Collective (biological) Systems
Speaker: Pawel Romanczuk - Collective Information Processing Group, Department of Biology / Institute of Theoretical Biology, Berlin, Germany

30 June, 16:00
Ergodic and Thermodynamic Properties of Pseudo-Anosov Dffeomorphisms
Speaker: Dominic Veconi (Penn State University)

2 July, 14:00
Math Associates Seminar: Closed Geodesics on Surfaces without Conjugate Points
Speaker: Khadim WAR (IMPA/University of Chicago)

2 July, 16:00
Joint ICTP-SISSA Colloquium by Prof. Alessio Figalli on "Generic Regularity in Obstacle Problems"
Speaker: Alessio Figalli, ETH Zurich, Switzerland