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COVID-19 in Italy: FAQs

Answers to frequent questions about Italian containment restrictions

COVID-19 in Italy: FAQs
COVID-19 in Italy: FAQs


PLEASE NOTE: all coverage of ICTP's actions in response to the COVID-19 virus is now being posted on a dedicated website.

The Italian government has released a decree containing detailed guidelines related to containment of the COVID-19 virus. Frequently asked questions about those guidelines are listed below.

ICTP is maintaining a webpage of the latest actions by Italy in response to the COVID-19 crisis; please check it regularly to see how these actions might affect you, as well as how ICTP is responding to ensure that its community remains safe and healthy.


What do I do about shopping?
There is no need to stock up. The supermarkets will stay open, you can easily go shopping.


Can I visit my friends or relatives?
If not necessary, no.


Can I go to sport events?
No. All sport events and gatherings, including the A league, are suspended.


Meetings, conferences, events?
They are forbidden.


Universities, schools and kindergartens, recreation centres?
They are closed until 3 April, as are libraries, museums, and cultural centres.


What about worship places?
They are closed as well. All religious services cannot be carried out.


What if I need drugs/medications?
Pharmacies and para-pharmacies are open as normal; remember to maintain a one-meter distance from other people.


I work in another town, what do I do?
Movements between municipalities are allowed only for work or medical reasons, or for other emergencies. If stopped, you must provide a self-declaration with the motivations. The template of the self-declaration is available for download at the ICTP web site above.


What about shopping malls?
They are closed during holidays and pre-holidays (e.g. Saturdays), except for grocery stores.


Who cannot leave the house for any reason?
Elderly people, those who are immuno-suppressed or with pathologies, and anyone who is in quarantine or has tested positive for the virus. If you have symptoms but have not been tested, please self-isolate and stay at home for 14 days.


Why are cinemas, gyms, pools, discoes and similar places closed?
They are places with a high concentration of people. The idea of the decree is to safeguard everybody’s health and avoid as many infections as possible.


Can I take a walk or practice outdoor sports?
Yes, but choose uncrowded places, always maintaining a one-meter distance from other people.


Are bars and cafés also closed?
Yes, until further notice.